A New ‘The Fugitive’ Film Is Coming


Another installment of The Fugitive, ’93’s fantastic Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones-starring adaptation of the 1960s television series, is on its way thanks to Warner Bros.

Yahoo reports that Greg Silverman, Warner Bros. President of Creative Development and Worldwide Production, is spearheading the project, which has a plan to start production in early 2016.

There’s no director or star named as yet, but a scribe has been chosen. Christina Hodson, a newcomer whose script Shut In is currently filming with Naomi Watts, has been attached to pen the screenplay.

Arnold Kopelson, who produced the first film, and Anne Kopelson (executive producer of the short-lived 2000-1 television reboot) are both back on board as producers.

The original series and the 1993 film told of Dr. Richard Kimble, a man who is unjustly accused of murdering his wife. While on the run from the authorities, he must find the real killer and prove his innocence.

Andrew Davis (Under Siege, A Perfect Murder) directed the film, which went to rake $369 million worldwide in an estimated budget of $40 million.

Harrison Ford is returning to both the Star Wars and Blade Runner franchises, so we won’t be surprised if he’s involved here – at least in some capacity.