Watch the Hilarious Honest Trailer for ‘A Star is Born’

Roadshow Films

Bradley Cooper’s highly-lauded film A Star is Born has received the Honest Trailer treatment.

In case you though it couldn’t be much more of a downer, how about you don’t look at it like a love story, and instead see it as a “grand tale of an alcoholic who used a girl to feel something again and the girl who used an alcoholic as a stepping stone to fame.”

It’s an amusingly cynical look at the film, pointing out the huge similarities with the Jeff Bridges-starring Crazy Heart and the fact that this is the fourth (!) time the same story has been told. “Maybe it’s time to let the remakes die” go the lyrics of their take of “Maybe It’s Time” and after some on-point Lady Gaga noises, their take of “Shallow” belts out, “Forget my meat dress, I’m a real actress. Give me my Oscar now.” Enjoy the video below.

Of its eight nominations, A Star is Born took home just one: Best Original Song, giving Lady Gaga her first Academy Award for “Shallow.” And in case you missed our review, you can read our thoughts on the film right HERE.

Roadshow Films