Netflix Releases 12-Hour Video of ‘Stranger Things’ Character Alexei Slurping a Slurpee


So, why just waste 12 hours… when you can look at 12 hours of Alexei slurping a 7-Eleven Slurpee.

The 7-Eleven marketing team should be pretty happy with the streaming giant about now. Netflix has released a 12-hour (or a bit under) video of Stranger Things season 3 character Dr. Alexei (played by Ukranian-British Alec Utgoff) sipping on a Slurpee, a looped moment with the soothing “Cold Comfort” by Orchestra Heinz Kiessling playing. Netflix has clearly picked up on the fact the character became a bit of a fan favourite in s3.

Take a look – or, perhaps, don’t. In case you were wondering if anyone’s bothered taking a glimpse at this thing, the video has passed 420,000 views in a bit over two days.

Some of the YouTube reactions…

Me: Watching this
Dad walks in my room
Me: Quickly switches to porn cause its easier to explain

– 6969 subscribers without any friends

Doctor: you got only 12 hours to live

– Roy Blekman

Absolutely no one:
Literally no one:
Netflix: here’s 12 hours of Alexei drinking a slurpee

– CRfilms

11 p.m.
Mom: times up, give me your phone!
Me: One more video please
Mom: ok
Me: starting to watch this video

– Margarita Karpekina

I’ve watched it twice, second time you see subtle things you missed first time round

– Cornwall1888


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