‘Altered Carbon’ Has Been Cancelled by Netflix


Sigh. Another day, another Netflix cancellation.

The streaming giant’s latest cut is sci-fi series Altered Carbon, which will not moving ahead with a third season. While recent Netflix cancellations of The Society and I Am Not Okay with This were due to COVID-related circumstances, this one’s coming down due to a lack of ratings. As reported by Deadline, the choice to cut the big-budget show “stems from the streamer’s standard viewership vs. cost renewal review process.”

Laeta Kalogridis created the series based on the 2002 novel by Richard K. Morgan. The plot was set in a future where consciousness is able to be transferred to different bodies and followed former soldier Takeshi Kovas, played by Joel Kinnaman in season 1 and Anthony Mackie in season 2.

“What a great ride it has been on #AlteredCarbon!!” said actor Will Yun Lee, who played the original embodiment of Takeshi Kovacs. “Thanks to all the fans that tuned in for both seasons. Takeshi Kovacs, one of my fav characters I’ve gotten to play!”

Said Chris Connor, who played artificial intelligence Poe in both seasons: “He was a great character and I’ll miss him. And I got to work with so many great people.”

The second and final season of Altered Carbon was released on February 27th. Netflix also released an anime feature, Altered Carbon: Resleeved, on March 19th.

Image credit: Netflix