Trailer for Amy Schumer’s New Netflix Special Drops; Trolls Come Out in Force


Amy Schumer has her next stand-up special on the way.

Take a look at the trailer released for Netflix comedy special Growing, with Schumer talking about pregnancy, marriage, and as Netflix puts it, “all of the blissful crap in between.” The special hits Netflix on March 19.

It should go without saying, but this special is for her fans and/or the people that are open to checking out her comedy. Obvious, right? So, what happens if you already know that you really don’t like her brand of comedy? Common sense dictates that you look elsewhere, but certain Schumer naysayers are almost laughably outspoken with their hatred for the comedian. Remember when Netflix changed the rating system from stars to thumbs up/down after “alt-right” peeps reportedly hit Schumer’s special The Leather Special with a wave of 1-star reviews?

The quick argument is that everyone has the right to criticise and it could very well be that there’s a ton of people who don’t like what they get with her stand-up. Cool. There’s also the accusation that she steals jokes, which I won’t go into here, but a quick search will provide some examples of what those people are saying. Fair enough. But, chill out, people. It’s like Schumer has personally spat on everyone’s mothers. When you see a trend of YouTube comments like “Just came to dislike and read comments lol” under her video, trolling seems to be the thing that comes to mind. “Who’s just here to dislike?” posts another user.

Personally, I don’t dislike her, nor do I find her stand-up to be very funny, but c’mon – we get it! You don’t have like her and you’re completely within your right to completely dislike her. Sigh. The anger is… unnecessary. Seriously, check out the video’s comments section. At the time of writing, the YouTube trailer thumbs up-to-down ratio is as follows: