Andrew Dominik To Make Marilyn Monroe Biopic

Andrew Dominik has only made two films since his impressive debut Chopper  back  in 2000. His last two films (The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford  and Killing Them Softly) were impressive films that didn’t quite receive the attention they deserved (although Killing Them Softly  has only just come out in the USA after being released in Australia more than a month ago, so we’ll wait and see with that one). Those three films cemented Dominik as a filmmaker that loved to focus on macho plots dealing with men and their criminal lives. It’s interesting then that reports that he plans to make Blonde  next. Blonde is set to tell the life of Marylin Monroe, showing her life from age 7 till her death at age 36.  Andrew Dominik says, “It’s my dream project and I’ve been working on it for years and years and years.” He hopes to start shooting next year. So far, Naomi Watts is attached to star.

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