‘Annette’ Trailer: Adam Driver & Marion Cotillard in a Strange, Intriguing-Looking Musical

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Take a look at the official trailer that Amazon Prime Video has released for Annette, an entrancing and peculiar-looking musical on the way from artistic filmmaker Leos Carax (Holy Motors, The Night is Young). 

The film is set in present-day L.A. and has Adam Driver playing a stand-up comedian who falls in love with a world-famous opera singer (Marion Cotillard). They make for a passionate and glamorous couple, although everything changes with the birth of their first child. The little girl, Annette, apparently has an exceptional destiny that will be turning their lives upside down.

A very intriguing trailer below. Visually, it’s gorgeous, but don’t expect to know too much about what to expect – apart from a film firmly in the arthouse realm. Fans of Carax’s films will of course be waiting with bated breath for this – his first English-language film and first film in almost a decade. Those interested in left-of-field, challenging pics and cinephiles unaware of Carax’s work, he may be someone you’d like to look into.

The film’s screenplay and the original story come from Ron Mael and Russell Mael of the pop & rock band Sparks, who were also behind the film’s music and songs.

Annette will have its premiere as the opening film at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival on July 6th. Amazon Prime Video has it for US release in select cinemas from August 6th and then on the streaming service on August 20th. Mubi will be releasing it theatrically in the UK and Ireland on September 3rd.

Amazon Studios
Amazon Studios

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