‘Aquaman’ Becomes Most Successful DC Film; James Wan Eyeing Sequel

Warner Bros.

Aquaman has now officially become the most successful DC Comics adaptation ever.

The Jason Momoa-starring picture has grossed over $US1.09 billion in worldwide box office receipts, making it the highest-grossing DC movie, swimming past the $US1.08 billion held by the previous record holder, Christopher Nolan’s trilogy finale The Dark Knight Rises. So, of course, Warner Bros. wants the same director back at the helm for a follow-up.

The studio wants to stick to what’s working after the bumpy road they’ve had with their DC Universe so far. Wonder Woman Patty Jenkins was rehired to direct Wonder Woman 1984 after delivering the Amazonian hero’s first solo big-screen adventure to a strong box office and critical acclaim.  Aussie-raised director James Wan is, understandably, being sought to return to Aquaman, although it looks like he wants to wait to see what’s developed first before diving back in.

As per Deadline, Wan is currently in discussions with Warner Bros. to oversee the sequel’s development. He’ll have a big hand in choosing which screenwriters are hired, and will then decide on whether he’ll be directing or not based on what he thinks of the screenplay.

After helming a film with the sheer scope of Aquaman, it’s understandable if Wan would be wanting a bit of a breather. After all, the film he delivered before Aquaman was another large-scale project: Furious 7, the Universal franchise’s biggest hit so far, earned a massive $US1.5 billion worldwide. He’s a long way away from the likes of his breakout horror film, Saw, which was made for $US1.2 million and slashed up $US103.9 million at the box office.

Word is that Wan is expected to stay attached to the Aquaman sequel, in one way or another, since he’s deeply invested in the character and the expansive universe he’s created so far.  Stay tuned for what unfolds here.

Warner Bros.