Argo Screenwriter in for Batman Vs. Superman


Chris Terrio, the Academy Award winning screenwriter behind Ben Affleck’s Argo, has been brought in to write a draft for Zac Snyder’s upcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie. THR has reported that Terrio has been tasked with getting David Goyer’s screenplay “into shape before filming begins.”

The follow-up to Man of Steel will see Henry Cavill return as Superman and Ben Affleck take on the role of an older Batman. Fast & Furious’ Gal Gadot will be starring as Wonder Woman. There are casting rumours flying absolutely everywhere, with THR reporting that Game of Thrones’ Jason Momoa is in talks to play a villain. Most interestingly, Variety has reported that Warner Bros. is eyeing Joaquin Phoenix to play the film’s antagonist, who is rumoured to be none other than Lex Luthor.

While some exterior shots have already been filmed, principal photography is set to begin early next year in Michigan. Shooting is expected to wrap up in August.

Warner Bros.’ as yet untitled Batman Vs. Superman movie is to be released on July 17, 2015.

Source: THR

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