‘Attack on Titan’ Movie Coming from ‘It’ Director Andy Muschietti

Image via FUNimation Entertainment

A new live-action movie adaption of hit manga Attack on Titan is on the way.

Many were disappointed by the two-part Japanese film adaptation released in 2015, so fingers firmly crossed for this US adaptation that’s coming from Warner Bros. Variety is reporting that WB has locked in a deal with Japanese publishing company Kodansha to craft a new film, and they have their director.

Taking the helm of the ambitious project is Andy Muschietti, who gave WB a massive hit with Stephen King adaptation It, which became the highest-grossing horror film of all time (unadjusted) with its $US700 million pull. Muschietti, who is also known for Jessica Chastain-starring horror film Mama, is currently in post production on It: Chapter Two.

Andy’s sister and longtime collaborator Barbara Muschietti will be producing the film alongside David Heyman (Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts franchises) and Masi Oka (Mega Man).

The Attack on Titan manga is set in a world where humans attempt to survive the gigantic humanoids, known as titans, that roam beyond the city’s enormous walls. With over 76 million copies printed since its 2009 debut, it’s one of the best-selling manga series out there. The anime series adaptation has been a hit as well; season 3’s mid-season finale recently aired to high acclaim.

This has the potential to be a massive film. Stay tuned.