‘Ava’ Trailer: Jessica Chastain vs Colin Farrell in Action-Thriller

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The trailer has arrived for upcoming action-thriller Ava, starring Jessica Chastain, Colin Farrell, Common, Geena Davis and John Malkovich.

Chastain plays a titular deadly assassin who works for a black ops organisation, executing high profile hits around the world. After a job goes wrong, she’s forced to use her badassery to survive. Farrell plays a guy determined to bring her down, despite the wishers of who appears to be her handler (Malkovich).

This film originally had Matthew Newton (Aussies will know him as Bert Newton’s son) on board to direct, but he left the project following the backlash when his past domestic violence charges were brought to light. Newton’s script was kept, with Tate Taylor (The Help, The Girl On the Train) bought on to direct.

This type of fare would have once made for a blockbuster big-screen thriller, but these days it’s looking mighty generic. The trailer shows what looks like a pretty serviceable film, nevertheless, although it’s another marketing piece that doesn’t quite know how to entice you without showing… way. too. much. Still, if it pops up on Netflix, it may be right for an easy Saturday night watch.

Ava will be released digitally later this year.

Vertical Entertainment

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