‘Awake’ Trailer: People Go Nuts When They Can’t Sleep in Apocalyptic Netflix Thriller


Imagine if everyone in the world suddenly couldn’t fall asleep? Yeesh, I’m grumpy with a just few hours of sleep and a delayed coffee.

That’s the basic concept explored in Awake, an apocalyptic Netflix thriller that’s just had its trailer released. The film tells of a sudden global event that wipes out all electronics and takes away humankind’s ability to sleep. Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin, Annihilation) leads the cast, playing an ex-soldier whose daughter (played by Ariana Greenblatt, Love and Monsters) may hold the key to a cure. But with everyone losing their minds, can the young girl provide an answer in time?

This is the third feature from director and co-writer Mark Raso, going a much different route to the smaller drama fare he delivered with 2014 debut Copenhagen and his 2017 Netflix-released sophomore effort Kodachrome.

“We were presented with this idea of what if something happened and no one can fall asleep?” Raso said in an interview with EW. “Immediately I thought of this Sophie’s Choice type scenario. I was looking for something to ground the story in reality. It occurred to me, ‘Well, what if no one could sleep except one person? What would that would feel like? What if that one person was one of your two kids? What do you do? Do you potentially sacrifice one to save the other?’ That’s where the bones and the juice of the story came from.”

Also starring Jennifer Jason Leigh, Barry Pepper, Finn Jones, Shamier Anderson, Frances Fisher, Elias Edraki, Lucius Hoyos and Gil Bellows, Awake will be streaming on Netflix from June 9th.


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