‘Baby Done’ Trailer: Partying Before a Child Arrives in Taika Waititi Exec Produced New Zealand Comedy

Madman Films / Piki Films

Take a look at the trailer that’s arrived for upcoming New Zealand comedy Baby Done, coming from Taika Waititi‘s production company Piki Films. 

The film tells of what unfolds when couple Zoe (Rose Matafeo) and Tim (Matthew Lewis) discover they’re expecting a child. While Tim is determined to embrace fatherhood, Zoe finds herself frazzled at the thought of her life suddenly changing and decides she wants to tackle as many of her dreams as possible before the baby arrives.

Like The Breaker Upperers a couple of years ago, which was also from Waititi’s Piki Films, Baby Done could be a nice little NZ hit when it’s released later this year. The trailer promises something both amusing and honest, touching on the kind of laughs and relatable life truths that have made Judd Apatow films such successes.

The film marks the sophomore feature film for real-life married couple Curtis Vowell (director) and Sophie Henderson (writer), who previously directed and wrote a small New Zealand dramedy titled Fantail. They actually made Baby Done due to their own experiences.

Baby Done came out of our fear of growing up and settling down,” Vowell said. “We thought it might help if we made a film about it, but we still don’t feel very grown up.”

No official release date has been announced for Baby Done, which will distributed in New Zealand by Madman and Piki and in Australia by Madman sometime in 2020.

Official synopsis for Baby Done:

The film follows wannabe-adventurer Zoe (Rose Matafeo) who freaks out when she falls pregnant to her long-term boyfriend Tim (Matthew Lewis). As Tim embraces the prospect of fatherhood, Zoe attempts to rush through her dreams. Written by Sophie Henderson (Human Traces, Fantail) and directed by her husband Curtis Vowell (Fantail), Baby Done is a semi-autobiographical story inspired by their own reaction to starting a family.

Madman Films / Piki Films

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