Barely Lethal Trailer: Hailee Steinfeld is a Teen Assassin

Hailee Steinfeld plays a teenage assassin who decides to leave the combat behind and go to high school in Barely Lethal, and we’ve got the latest trailer for you to check out right here.

At the risk of sounding like serious grouches, this looks dated – and not in a good way. Sure, it’s meant to be fun, but there’s tacky humour, low-grade production quality, and what looks like one cringe-worthy sequence after another, all in just the trailer.

Never judge a book by its cover they say, so we’re going to stop judging this film by its trailer. But seriously…

Barely Lethal, also starring Samuel “I’ll take any project” L. Jackson, Jessica Alba, Sophie Turner, and Dove Cameron, gets an online and limited theatrical release on May 29.

Barely Lethal - poster

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