‘Barry’: Bill Hader Provides Update on Seasons 3 and 4


The next two seasons of Barry, in this writer’s humble opinion up there among the best shows on television at the moment, are just waiting to be filmed.

Bill Hader, the star, co-creator, co-writer and occasional director of the HBO dark-comedy series, has shed a little more light on the status of seasons 3 and 4. Talking to Late Night with Seth Meyers, the Saturday Night Live alum said they were on the verge of filming the third chapter when the pandemic lockdowns went into effect.

“Right when the lockdown happened in March, we were a week away from shooting,” he said. “Season 3 is completely written, ready to go.”

And as for season 4, Hader said they used the lockdown as an opportunity to go ahead and completely write the fourth chapter. “We have both of those kind of done. So we’re just waiting until we can start shooting again.”

Fans, myself among them, have been keeping an eye out for any news as to when we can expected the third season of the fantastic series – particularly following the second season cliffhanger.

“It is very, very hard,” Hader said about writing themselves out of the corner they delivered with the season 2 finale, which he points out they did at the end of season 1 as well. Jokingly discussing having to figure out where to go in season 3, Hader said, “First day back in the writer’s room, it was like, everyone going, ‘So, what happens?’ And we were like, ‘I have no idea. We really, really screwed ourselves here.'”

With both seasons completely written, there’s the possibility that when HBO allocates a filming window they may decide to film both s3 & 4 back-to-back. Stephen Roots, who plays Monroe Fuches in Barry, told Collider of this possibility back in June.

“I think we’re not probably gonna be going back until January to do this, but hopefully HBO is going to let the powers that be write Season 4, and maybe we can do those real quick together. We’re gonna try to do that.”

While we most certainly would love to see the show continuing sooner rather than later, at this point, with so many shows being cancelled, we’re just happy Barry is still alive.

Here’s Hader’s segment on Late Night with Seth Meyers, where he also chats about how his beloved SNL character, Stefon, would be managing during the pandemic. “I don’t know if he would notice!”