‘Batman v Superman’: Zack Snyder on That Shocking Ending


Yep, SPOILERS ahead.

As Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice rakes in the dollars and continues to receive polarising reviews, discussions wage on regarding the many, many developments we saw play out during the film’s two-and-a-half-hour running time. One such development: that ending.

Thanks to that much-discussed second trailer, no one was really surprised when Doomsday popped up and Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman teamed up to take the creature down. What did surprise, however, was when Superman met his end. Batman v Superman‘s huge, exhausting final battle culminates in Superman’s heroic death, and that’s how it was always going to end.

“I felt it was inevitable,” Snyder said in an interview with BuzzFeed. “Even when we were working on Man of Steel, I was like, Gosh, what are we going to do with this guy? He’s a pretty tough cookie.”

batman v supermanSnyder says he knew Superman and Batman would have to put aside their differences to take on a big threat, and that it would be this very threat that kills Kal-El. There was also the matter of choosing who it would be that forms the Justice League.

“I really felt like Bruce should be the one that puts the Justice League together. He feels like the samurai who would do that, who gathers the others.”

The killing of Superman, at least for now, helps set up a lot of what is to come.

“The catalyst, the need for the Justice League, has to rise from something,” Snyder said. Indeed, the JL is going to be a necessary team for the world to have. After all, a plethora of villains would no doubt see the absence of the all-powerful Superman as the perfect opportunity to strike.

Superman’s death in BvS could have been foreseen by those aware of the ’92 comic series The Death of Superman, which sees our hero die taking on Doomsday. But, as with the comic books, Superman’s death is by no means permanent. BvS concludes with a shot that teases Superman’s resurrection, a moment Snyder said he considered leaving out.

“I went back and forth with it, to be honest,” Snyder revealed. “I do feel like it offers a teeny bit of hope for those people who need it. I feel like it’s obvious that we have to figure out a way to get him back, but I don’t know that everyone [knows that]. So I just wanted to give them that little jolt out of the theater, where they’re like, ‘Oh shit! What’s going to happen?'”

We’ll most likely find out what happens with Superman in Snyder’s Justice League: Part One, which is currently scheduled to hit the U.S. on November 17, 2017. Part Two will arrive on June 14, 2019.


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