Batman v Superman to Deal with Man of Steel Complaints


While Man of Steel was a box office success, earning over $668 million on a budget of $225 million, the audience response was quite mixed. Many took issue with the film’s gloomy tone and episodic structure, but the film’s finale is what (arguably) had the most polarising effect. Well, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is on the way, and apparently it will be dealing directly with certain complaints aimed at Superman’s last outing.

Man of Steel spoilers and possible Batman v Superman spoilers ahead.

According to Badass Digest, who read a version of the film’s screenplay a month before principal photography, Batman v Superman will feature quite a few nods to previous events. Not entirely surprising, considering BvS works as a sequel to Man of Steel, but these particular nods acknowledge the qualms certain audiences had with Zack Snyder’s Superman film.

As those who have seen Man of Steel will know, the destruction-filled finale saw Superman brutally kill General Zod. BvS will see Superman tell a villain he has taken down, “I won’t snap your neck, I’m going to take you to prison.”

It sounds like Superman may have learned to relax a bit, that is until a later scene sees him tell a guy that he’ll break his back.

The final sequences of destruction in Man of Steel (another common complaint) would have undoubtedly killed many, many people, which is why the upcoming Doomsday battle may see Superman take a more tactful approach.

BvS will see General Swanwick tell the military that Superman will be taking the battle away from heavily populated sectors, “because he’s a hero.”

The draft of the screenplay that Badass Digest references is set a couple of years after Man of Steel’s ending. The film’s opening will quickly explore Batman’s origin and we’ll see him arriving in Metropolis as the Superman/Zod fight goes down. In Batman’s eyes, this can’t be a good look.

Fast forward a few years later and Superman is firmly in his relationship with Lois Lane, while reluctantly reporting on small stories for the Daily Planet.  “He would rather be writing about Batman,” Badass Digest reports.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits U.S. cinemas on 25 March 2016.


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