Marvel Working on More ‘Blade,’ According to Kate Beckinsale

Image via New Line Cinema
Image via New Line Cinema

It appears that more Blade action could actually be on the horizon.

We’ve been hearing about another Blade film for quite a while now. A 2014 report suggested that actor Wesley Snipes was set to take the lead in another Blade film, a 2015 report claimed that a female-focused Blade spinoff could be focusing on the character’s daughter, and Snipes himself said another outing was a “possibility” earlier this year.

Well, according Kate Beckinsale, star of the vampire cinematic franchise Underworld, Marvel is indeed looking at bringing back the Daywalker.

At New York Comic Con, Beckinsale was asked if there was ever a possibility of seeing an Underworld and Blade crossover sometime in the future. As it turns out, the heads behind the Underworld franchise have apparently already attempted just that.

“No. We had that idea,” Beckinsale said on the panel for the upcoming Underworld: Blood Wars. “No. They’re busy. They’re doing something with Blade.”

It’s certainly a vague statement, but the fact that Marvel didn’t want to move forward with a crossover due to them “doing something” with the brand does suggest something is in the works. What it is exactly is anyone’s guess until we get an official bit of news.

Source: Slash Film

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