Watch Jesse Pinkman’s Emotional Journey in ‘Breaking Bad’ Recap Music Video


Geez, this guy went through a hell of a lot.

In the lead up to Breaking Bad movie El Camino, which is set to arrive on October 11, Netflix has released a music video featuring a recap of sorts on the emotional journey of one Jesse Pinkman.

How crazy is it that creator Vince Gilligan originally intended Pinkman to die at the end of season 1?! The initial plan was to have Pinkman meet his end during a botched drug deal, giving Walter White a huge deal of guilt for the show’s following seasons. Thank goodness for Aaron Paul, whose performance was so good that Gilligan had to change the plot, and for the writer’s strike that forced the season to be shorter – ending it before Pinkman’s death.

The video below has been cut together with a cover of The Platters’ “Enchanted” by Chloe x Halle (the same Halle who’s the future Little Mermaid), and it’s a great reminder of what one of television’s great characters went through for our viewing pleasure/stress/sadness. What an outstanding performance by Paul, who won three Emmy awards and earned a Golden Globe nomination for the role.

The original “Enchanted” track, by the way, was playing when Jesse first used heroin with his girlfriend Jane (Krysten Ritter), who would go on die in an overdose/vomit choke, with Walter watching and refusing to help.

Not long now until El Camino, which will catch up with Pinkman as a fugitive, on the run from his captors, the law and his past.


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