Bad News: ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Cancelled, Stars & Fans React

CR: Scott Schafer/FOX

Say it isn’t so.

Condolences, fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Yes, after five seasons, one of the best comedy shows on television has been cancelled. Fox has decided not to continue with the Andy Samberg-produced and starring series, which follows the team at the 99th precinct of the NYPD.

The stars of the show have hit social media with reactions, sharing their shock at the news, thanking the show’s fans, and describing their appreciation at being a part of the series.

BUT, before you crumble into a blubbering heap (if you haven’t already), there’s still hope the show will be picked up elsewhere! The outcry online has been deafening, which is certainly a good thing to have if other networks are to take notice.

And take notice they have. THR is reporting that NBC, Netflix, Hulu and TBS have expressed interest in picking up the show and that there are “plans to fight to revive the series at another outlet following the wave of support from critics and stars.”

Here are some of the fan and celebrity reactions circling Twitter:

Director Benicio Del Toro tweeted…

Mark Hamill tweeted…

Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeted…

To which Patton Oswolt tweeted…

If the show isn’t picked up to continue elsewhere, it means the upcoming season 5 finale, set to air on Fox on May 20, will be the show’s final episode. Ever.

And now, fellow Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans, we wait and hope for the best. Stay tuned.

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