Anne Hathaway Will Befriend a Stray Dog, Voiced by Bill Murray

Anne Hathaway and Bill Murray will be starring in a dog movie titled Bum’s Rush.

The film will have Hathaway playing Pearl, a skilled custom boot maker who crosses paths with a stray dog named Bum, voiced by Bill Murray. As reported by Deadline, “the two highly independent souls find themselves at a serious crossroads, one that will change both their hearts and minds in ways they can hardly imagine.”

Set to direct the picture is Aaron Schneider, who previously helmed 2009 Robert Duvall and Bill Murray film Get Low and is also behind Tom Hanks WWII film Greyhound, which is getting a release on Apple TV+ in July. The screenplay comes from C. Gaby Mitchell, whose previous credits include co-writing Schneider’s Get Low and a Story By credit on Blood Diamond.

Robert Duvall is currently in talks to also join the film, which is expected to shoot in Santa Barbara and New Mexico.

‘Get Low’ | Rialto Distribution