Watch Cap and Black Widow Fight in ‘Civil War’ Deleted Scene (Storyboard Sequence)

Image: Marvel Studios

Captain America: Civil War was one giant movie. The film had to tell an important story in the MCU while juggling a ton of characters. Understandably, not everything that was written down on paper made it onto the big screen.

Details on two such scenes were revealed last month, and now we have a third come to life thanks to an unveiled storyboard sequence.

Artist Darrin Denlinger has released an entire storyboarded scene from the Marvel epic, showcasing a fight between Captain America and Black Widow during that drool-worthy airport showdown.

Now, let’s not forget that these characters are actually buddies, so don’t go expecting a brutal collision between the two. “You’ve got your gear, right?” Cap asks. Romanoff confirms she does, before Cap throws her off a building. But he’s a nice guy, ensuring she’s survived the fall.

There are a couple of other new tidbits here, including a bit more of Ant-Man and War Machine.

It’s fun checking out what could have been. Fingers crossed the Blu-ray/DVD release comes with more great goodies like this.



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