‘Carnival Row’ Teaser Trailer: Orlando Bloom & Cara Delevingne in Amazon Fantasy Series

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has released a teaser trailer for Carnival Row, an upcoming fantasy period-drama series starring Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne.

The show is set in a Victorian fantasy world where humans and mythological immigrant creatures co-exist, although the latter not without serious limitations. The creatures aren’t free to live, love or fly with complete freedom. Bloom plays a human detective who rekindles a dangerous affair with a faerie (Delevingne), right as a string of murders threatens to shatter the weak peace.

“Something inhumane approaches,” says Bloom’s character, Rycroft Philostrate. “We must all come together,” says Delevigne’s Vignette Stonemoss. The series comes from René Echevarria (Castle, Teen Wolf) and Travis Beacham (Clash of the Titans, Pacific Rim). It’s a very quick promo, introducing the two leads and a little of the setting. Let’s hope we’re in for something special.

Carnival Row will premiere on Amazon Prime on August 30.

Official synopsis for Carnival Row:

Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne star in Carnival Row, a Victorian fantasy world filled with mythological immigrant creatures. Feared by humans, they are forbidden to live, love, or fly with freedom. But even in darkness, hope lives, as a human detective and a faerie rekindle a dangerous affair. The city’s uneasy peace collapses when a string of murders reveals a monster no one could imagine.

Amazon Prime

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