Kristen Stewart ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Movie will Have Patrick Stewart as a Bosley

The planned Charlie’s Angels film reboot just got a hell of a lot more enticing.

Set to star as the heroines in the upcoming film are Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott (Power Rangers, upcoming Aladdin movie) and Ella Balinska, and on board to play Bosley is none other than acting legend Patrick Stewart. Although, to be clear, Stewart has been cast as a Bosley.

THR broke the news, reporting that the new Charlie’s Angels movie “seems to have multiple characters named Bosley.” Bosley acts as intermediary between the Angels and Charlie Townsend, the detective agency owner that is never seen. The film is being directed by Elizabeth Banks, who is reportedly also set to play a Bosley in the film. What’s up with that? Well, this time around the Townsend Agency has teams around the world, with a “Bosley” for each team. Did someone say, franchise possibilities?

The two Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu-starring Charlie’s Angels films saw two Bosleys: Bill Murray appeared in the first film as James Bosley and Bernie Mac played Jimmy Bosley, James’ adoptive brother, in the second.

According to what Stewart recently told IndieWire, this take will be “a super-woke version, with no objectification whatsoever.” So yeah, don’t go in expecting to see Stewart dancing around in her underwear or anything.

The new Charlie’s Angels movie is scheduled to hit US cinemas on 27 September 2019.