Watch: Chris Hemsworth Thanks Fans as ‘Extraction’ Makes Its Way to Netflix’s Biggest Film Ever

Chris Hemsworth / Instagram

Extraction is on its way to becoming Netflix‘s biggest film ever.

The streaming giant has announced that the action film is projected to be screened in 90 million households in the first four weeks of release. That’s certainly a lot of eyes tuning in to watch the film, a factor fueled by the fact that so many are at home in isolation.

“Just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who checked out Extraction,” lead actor and producer Chris Hemsworth shared in a video posted to social media. “You’ve made it the number one film on the planet right now. It looks like it’s going to be Netflix’s biggest feature film of all time, which is absolutely mindblowing.”

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The Aussie star also mentioned the possibility of a sequel or prequel that fans have been asking about. “All I can say is, ‘Who knows?’ But with this kind of support, it’s something I’d be pretty stoked to jump back into.”

Extraction, for those that still haven’t seen, can be watched on Netflix right HERE. Our review can be found right HERE.


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