Community Season 6 Promo Reveals Air Date

When Community was cancelled by NBC last May, fans were understandably up in arms. Their collective pain wasn’t to last; Yahoo! decided they would be the ones to continue the series on with a sixth season.

Joel McHale, Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs and Danny Pudi are back, as are Jim Rash and Ken Jeong, but fans will easily notice who’s missing in the promo below. Yvette Nicole Brown left after Season 5, Donald Glover decided to call it quits during season 5, and Chevy Chase left the show during season 4.

The sixth season of Community will begin airing, or should we say streaming, on Yahoo! March 17 (U.S. date). You can expect an episode every week after that.

Check out the Community season 6 promo below, which features little jabs at NBC and introduces us to a new cast member. Keith David and Paget Brewster are the newbies on board.


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