‘Deadpool’ Box Office Smashes Expectations


Despite only screening for a few days, Deadpool has proven to be a huge win for 20th Century Fox.

The Merc with a Mouth’s first solo movie has smashed the most optimistic of expectations, earning around $US135 million during the first three days of its Four-Day President’s Day Weekend opening. Numbers are now expected to climb towards the $US160 million mark when the draw comes in for the four-day holiday. Early predictions had the film earning in the vicinity of $US75 million.

Deadpool‘s big numbers have locked in quite a few box office records, including the largest single day in February (U.S. Friday – estimated $US47.5 million) and the largest R-rated opening weekend, the latter record smashing the $US91.7 million earned during The Matrix Reloaded‘s opening weekend.

20th Century Fox is no doubt cheering. Deadpool‘s estimated $US135 million long weekend makes it the studio’s largest-ever opening, surpassing the $US108.4 million earned by Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

The huge pull Deadpool has seen in the U.S. has pushed its worldwide gross to a very impressive score. Thus far, Deadpool has topped $US260 million in worldwide box office receipts, and that’s considering the film began its rollout in Hong Kong and Taiwan on February 9.

These huge numbers would no doubt be a big deal for a most big budget studio pictures, but it’s all the more impressive when you take into account that 20th Century Fox gave Deadpool an estimated production budget of $58 million. Even including the picture’s presumably big marketing spend, Deadpool has locked itself in as a huge win just a few days into its release.

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Source: Box Office Mojo