‘Deadpool’ Becomes Highest-Grossing R-Rated Film Ever


Kudos are in order for 20th Century Fox. The studio took a gamble with Deadpool, and it’s paid off big time.

And to think there was any doubt. This Easter weekend saw the film pass $US745 million worldwide, inching past the impressive $US742.1 earned by The Matrix Revolutions. Deadpool has managed to become the highest-grossing R-rated feature film of all time.

The film circled a start at the studio for years, until a series of leaks set it onto the path to fruition. That’s right, we have not-exactly-legal leaks to thank for Deadpool. The screenplay was leaked a few years ago, causing fans to come out and demand the film be made. Then that awesome test footage was mysteriously leaked, and fans went nuts. Fox could ignore it no more.

With a modest production budget of $US58 million (very small by Hollywood’s blockbuster standards) and an R rating (which limits a film’s audience more than, say, a crowd-friendly PG-13 classification) in the U.S., Deadpool opened with a huge domestic opening of $US132.4 million. And it just kept going.

Thus far, Deadpool has earned $US349.3 on its home turf, making it the third-highest grossing R-rated picture in the U.S. behind The Passion of the Christ ($US370.7 million) and American Sniper ($US350.1 million).

These are certainly impressive numbers, and even more so when you consider the fact Deadpool didn’t have a locked in franchise following (unless everyone was familiar with the X-Men connection), the titular character wasn’t exactly widely known, Ryan Reynolds hadn’t seen huge numbers in years, and the film was by no means targeted at family wallets.

Here’s to Deadpool‘s future.