Details On The Zombieland TV Series


There have been further details release on the Zombieland TV series. Amazon Studios and Sony TV have teamed up to create the series with new actors playing the key roles. The show will pick up the story two weeks after the events in the film.

Collider spoke with screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick and found out that they are aiming at thirteen thirty-minute episodes and will keep the same comedic tone of the 2009 hit. Interestingly, Amazon will air the pilot for Zombieland, amongst others, online and viewers will vote to decide on what shows get commissioned for full seasons. The pilot is set to air on Amazon next month.

This isn’t a crazy surprise though, Zombieland was originally intended to be a television series before it was reimagined as a film.

I hope this gets chosen. The movie was hilarious and genuinely entertaining, if the series keeps the same tone then this will be a show to really look out for.

Source: Collider

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