Dragon Blade Trailer: Jackie Chan, Adrien Brody and John Cusack in a Chinese Epic

An international trailer has been released for Dragon Blade, an upcoming Chinese epic boasting quite the cast.

Jackie Chan, Adrien Brody and John Cusack star in this $65 million production (up there in China’s film budgets) from director Daniel Lee (Black Mask, Three Kingdoms, 14 Blades).

It tells the fictional story of a battle between Rome and China’s Han Dynasty in 206-220 A.D. Chan plays a Chinese officer who is framed, John Cusack plays a Roman solder who is in on the run in China after rescuing the Prince, and Adrien Brody plays the general of the Roman army, General Tiberius.

The Dragon Blade trailer is undoubtedly camp and awkward, but we can’t say we’re completely uninterested in seeing these names in one Chinese action pic. Lee’s resume doesn’t provide too much confidence, but here’s hoping for some decent action amidst the amusing melodrama.

Dragon Blade opens in China and Singapore on February 19. No other dates have been announced.


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