How You Could Be in Dumb & Dumber To


Fans of Dumb and Dumber should pay close attention to this bit of news. The Farrelly Brothers are giving two people the chance to have walk-in roles in the upcoming sequel! Pretty cool, huh?

To be in the running you have to whip out that camera and recreate a scene from Dumb & Dumber.

From the Farrelly Brothers’ Facebook page:

Alright, here are the contest rules for Winning A Walk-On On Dumb & Dumber To!
First, make a Vine re-creating a scene from the original Dumb & Dumber, but put your own spin on it.
Use the hashtag ‪#‎DumbTo‬ so we can see them all. (Yeah yeah, I know what a “hashtag” is…now)
You have until September 15, 2013 to post.
After September 15, Bobby and I will pick the winner. The winner and a friend gets to be a walk-on on the film.
Good luck!

And from their Twitter account:

Farrelly Brothers ‏@farrellybros2h
And yeah, for those who can’t stop, multiple entries are fine.

Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey will be returning for the sequel, which is set to start production in mid-September. The plan is to release the film in the summer (U.S. season) of 2014 in order to coincide with the first film’s 20th anniversary.

Good luck to all who decide to enter the competition!

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