Dwayne Johnson & New Line Team Up for Rampage Video Game Adaptation

dwayne johnson - rampage

Dwayne Johnson could soon be versing a giant gorilla, lizard and wolf.

Deadline reports that the wrestler-turned-actor-in-everything is going to produce and most likely star in New Line Cinema’s live-action adaptation of Rampage, the classic Midway Arcade game from the 80s.

There aren’t any plot details known at this time, but it’s expected that Johnson will be doing his thing and taking on the three aforementioned giants that are wreaking havoc across U.S. cities. If there’s any man for that job, it’d be the freakin’ Rock.

“Very cool to see everyone’s reaction to this big announcement! We’re excited too,” Johnson said in an Instagram post.

“The scale and fun of this movie is insanely dope and massive – Think the meaner, nastier versions of KING KONG, GODZILLA and a mutated gigantic WEREWOLF wreaking havoc all across America. This was my ALL TIME favorite video game as a kid which is why I’m so excited to make this movie for y’all. EPIC destruction? Yes. EPIC entertainment? Yes. How will I stop these massive monsters? I have no f*cking clue. Pre-production starts now.”

Johnson will be producing Rampage alongside Dany Garcia, his Seven Bucks Productions co-founder, with producers Beau Flynn (Hercules, San Andreas) and John Rickard (Horrible Bosses 2) helping lead the charge.

Ryan Engle, known for writing the Liam Neeson-starring plane thriller Non-Stop, has penned the screenplay. The hunt is currently on to bring in a director as soon as possible.

Johnson is currently working on Central Intelligence, a New Line comedy co-starring Kevin Hart, and is then expected to move onto Fast & Furious 8. If all goes according to plan, he’ll be working on Rampage after that.

New Line would no doubt want to continue their healthy relationship with Johnson and Flynn, especially after the thee parties came together to rake $415 million worldwide with San Andreas.

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