‘Extraction 2’ Teaser Confirms That Chris Hemsworth’s Rake Survived


Extraction 2 is officially on the horizon, with Chris Hemsworth‘s black ops mercenary, Tyler Rake, back for more badassery. Netflix has unveiled a teaser to confirm it.

But, how? Didn’t Rake get shot in the neck and fall into a river at the end of the first film? Indeed, BUT, as per the rules of cinema, if you didn’t see his corpse chopped up into a million pieces and if the first film was a big hit, the door must be wide open for survival. As for how… he’s just a badass, okay? Bullet in the neck and river submersion be damned! Check out the teaser below.

Extraction was a big success for Netflix. In its first four weeks of release, around 99 million households tuned in to watch the actioner, making it the streamer’s most watched original film in its history.

Stunt coordinator and stuntman-turned-filmmaker Sam Hargrave is back on board to direct the sequel, with Joe Russo returning to write the screenplay. As everything is being kept hush-hush for now, there’s nothing to really go on regarding plot, co-stars, or even a release date. Stay tuned as Extraction 2 comes together.

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