Ezra Miller Writing Darker ‘Flash’ Movie Script in Attempt to Keep the Role

Warner Bros.

Ezra Miller is taking on a key creative role in a big attempt to ensure the long-gestating Flash movie hits screens his way and he remains its star.

After a long stop-start trajectory, the project looked to finally be moving into a starting position with the hiring of Game Night writer-directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein. Well, now…

THR is reporting that “a clash of creative visions” has arisen between actor Ezra Miller and the directors. Daley and Goldstein are aiming to craft a light-hearted Flash movie, a direction that WB is happy with now that Aquaman crossed a billion and Shazam! is hyping well. Miller, on the other hand, wants “a darker take on the material.”

The actor has teamed up with  acclaimed comic book writer Grant Morrison, who has plenty of DC comic experience, to write a new screenplay that could very well determine whether or not Miller remains on board as the Scarlet Speedster. The script may be handed to WB as early as next week.

Miller has long been quite outspoken of his passion for the character, and he’s clearly determined to get his take on the character on the screen. If WB doesn’t like the script, there’s a chance Miller will be out – either by choice or with no contract renewal. His Flash deal reportedly comes to an end in May.

Warner Bros’ planned The Flash movie has been in development hell for a while now. 21 Jump Street and Lego Movie directors/writers Phil Lord and Chris Miller penned a treatment but left the project to move to Solo: A Star Wars Story (which didn’t work out well for them); then Lego Batman Movie writer Seth Grahame-Smith was hired to direct-write, but that fell through; and then Dope helmer Rick Famuyiwa was hired to direct from Grahame-Smith’s screenplay, which didn’t work out either.

Ezra Miller has appeared as The Flash in three DC movies. Justice League held his primary turn; his moments in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad were quite brief.

Stay tuned…

Image credit: Warner Bros.