‘Face/Off’ Sequel Coming, Without John Travolta or Nicolas Cage

Paramount Pictures

There’s a follow-up to John Woo’s 1997 action hit Face/Off on the way, but, alas, not with John Travolta or Nicolas Cage.

Paramount Pictures has hired Adam Wingard, director of upcoming monster face-off epic Godzilla vs. Kong and slasher horror film You’re Next, to direct a Face/Off sequel. He’ll also be writing the screenplay with his longtime collaborator Simon Barrett, who he worked with on You’re Next, The Guest and 2016’s Blair Witch.

Deadline broke the news, initially reporting the new Face/Off would be a remake and later correcting the report to reveal that it’s actually a sequel.

22 Jump Street, The Cloverfield Paradox and Sonic the Hedgehog scribe Oren Uziel was attached to the project back in 2019, although word is that Paramount is now looking for Wingard and Barrett to develop the film from scratch.

The original film saw Travolta playing an FBI agent who undergoes facial transplant surgery and assumes the identity of a criminal mastermind, played by Nicolas Cage, who murdered his only son. The plan turns sour when the criminal wakes up prematurely and… you know. The film was quite the hit in ’97, receiving positive reviews and going on to rake in $US246 million worldwide.

Who could be cast in the sequel? Stay tuned.

Wingard’s Godzilla vs. Kong hits Australian cinemas on March 25th and will be released in the US simultaneously in select cinemas and HBO Max on March 26th.