Fifty Shades of Grey Whips Up a Huge Box Office


The hugely buzzed adaptation of E.L. James’ bestselling novel has certainly been gathering some big crowds, hitting just under $266.4 million (U.S. and international) just days after its U.S. release.

Fifty Shades of Grey earned a massive $85 million in the U.S., bringing in the droves during the country’s three-day weekend. Box Office Mojo reports that Fifty Shades‘ domestic opening makes it the top February opening of all time in the States, topping Mel Gibson’s crucifixion drama The Passion of the Christ.

The $156 million earned in international markets during the weekend alone also provides the film with a record February opening, and gives Universal Pictures their second-biggest overseas opening of all time behind the $160.3 million opening handed to Fast & Furious 6.

Deadline reports that Fifty Shades has become the number one film (at the moment) in 55 markets, smashing the biggest opening weekend records in 11 of those. The drama also has the record for the biggest opening ever for an R-rated film in 31 countries.

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