First Picture of Pitt, LaBeouf, and Pena in Fury

David Ayer, the writer-director of Harsh Times and End of Watch, has released the first picture for his upcoming WWII action-drama entitled Fury. Ayer took to Twitter to release this picture featuring Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Pena, and Jon Bernthal on top of a tank.

Check out the official synopsis for the film underneath the pic.


Official synopsis for Fury:

FURY is set at the very end of World War II, in April 1945.  As the Allies make their final push in the European Theater, a battle-hardened army sergeant named Wardaddy (Brad Pitt) commands a Sherman tank and her five-man crew on a deadly mission behind enemy lines.  Outnumbered and outgunned, Wardaddy and his men face overwhelming odds in their heroic attempts to strike at the heart of Nazi Germany.

There has been a lack of good ol’ fashioned American war movies lately and we can’t think of a reason why David Ayer isn’t a great choice to bring a resurgence. Mostly exploring cops and gang-life in L.A., Ayer has been involved in some great films. He wrote the screenplays for The Fast & the Furious, Training Day, Dark Blue, Harsh Times and End of Watch – directing the last two, Street Kings in between them. Although he doesn’t have much experience with war films (although he did write the screenplay for U-571, starring Matthew McConaughey), he does know about making films that explore men dealing with the moral dilemmas that violence, honor and loyalty can bring. With a cast this good, we’re confident this will shape up to be something pretty special.

ETA: USA – 14 November, 2014.

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