FOXTEL: OCTOBER 2021 Release Schedule

Left to Right: ‘Succession’ season 3, ‘The Dry’ and ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

Australia: Here’s your OCTOBER 2021 release schedule for FOXTEL!

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  • The Osbournes Want To Believe (Season 1) – TLC 10.30pm

They may be known as the first family of darkness, but legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his wife, Sharon Osbourne, are borderline sceptics when it comes to the paranormal. Determined to convert his parents into full-fledged believers, Jack Osbourne shares the most jaw-dropping supernatural activity ever caught on camera.


  •  Restoration Garage (Season 7) – DISCOVERY TURBO 8.30pm

Rev up your engines for a new season featuring the world’s hottest rides and wildest cars. Step inside The Guild of Automotive Restorers, where David Grainger’s team rebuilds the most expensive and coolest cars in the world.


  • Love Your Garden (Season 10) – LIFESTYLE 3.10pm

Alan Titchmarsh travels around the country seeking out some of Britain’s loveliest domestic gardens, focusing on the wonderful outdoor living spaces created by ordinary Britons.

  •  The Radio Kingmaker: John Brennan (1 Hour Special) – FOX DOCOS 8.30pm

He was known as the Radio Kingmaker. Responsible for launching the careers of notable radio personalities Alan Jones, Mike Walsh, Ray Hadley, and Stan Zemanek. John Brennan was integral in crafting Australian talkback radio.


  • DIY SOS (Season 31) – LIFESTYLE 8.30pm

INick Knowles and the team are back to issue a call to arms and recruit friends, family and local trades to help transform the homes of families across Britain.

  • Great British Menu (Season 16) – LIFESTYLE FOOD 7.30pm

Great British Menu is back for another season, presented by Andi Oliver. This year, professional chefs compete for a place at a banquet celebrating British invention and innovation.

  • Homes Under The Hammer (Season 24B) – LIFESTYLE HOME 4.20pm

Martin Roberts, Martel Maxwell and Dion Dublin cast their expert eyes over a number of properties before they go to auction, giving their opinion on the respective buildings and their potential.

  • Saturday Night Live (Season 47) – FOX8 8.30pm
  • Cops (Season 30) – CRIME + INVESTIGATION 7.00pm

This groundbreaking, raw and realistic series is a window into the world of crime and punishment in America. COPS follows police officers, constables, and sheriff’s deputies during patrols and various police activities by embedding camera crews with their units.

  • Forbidden History (Season 6) – HISTORY 8.30pm

We lift the lid on some of history’s great mysteries by tunnelling deeper, travelling wider, looking more closely, asking harder questions and searching for evidence with more determination than ever before. We are taken to places far and wide and will encounter conspiracy theories, cover ups, strange phenomena, unexplained happenings and mysterious findings.

  • Lone Star Law (Season 6) – ANIMAL PLANET 9.30pm

The saying is true: everything is bigger in Texas, including the jobs of the Texas Game Wardens who protect the Lone Star State’s wildlife and more than 27 million citizens. Lone Star Law will feature the men and women of this elite patrol force who look after more than a quarter-million square miles of deserts, lakes, piney woods, plains, and coast.


  • Sarah Benny’s New Life In The Country (Season 1) – LIFESTYLE 8.30pm

Property expert Sarah Beeny and her family swap London life for a new start on a 220-acre, semi-derelict former dairy farm in Somerset, where they plan to build a modern stately home of their dreams.

  • The Killer Within (Season 1) – CRIME + INVESTIGATION 7.30pm

Delves into what turns someone into a killer. Is there a specific trigger or is someone always destined to murder? Any homicide sends shockwaves through a community, torments detectives and baffles forensic investigators until a perpetrator is brought to justice. But the central question will always remain: what makes a seemingly ordinary person take another person’s life? This gripping series explores the making of a killer.

  • Highway Thru Hell (Season 8) – A&E 4.00pm

We join the heavy recovery teams fighting to keep Canada’s roads open in some of the most dangerous working conditions ever seen. This season witnesses some of the most difficult and fast changing road conditions anywhere. When it’s snowing hard up top on the summit of the Coquihalla, below its pounding rain in The Fraser Valley.

  • Secret Nazi Bases (Season 2) – HISTORY 7.30pm

Explore even deeper mysteries, secrets of decaying structures, and nefarious plans the Third Reich put into motion to further Hitler’s plan to dominate the world. From a hidden high command ultra-bunker, to a top-secret super-gun base, to secret tunnels under castles, to a primeval forest housing a dark biological experiment, the Nazis left clues to their secrets if one can pick up the trail.

  • Torn From The Headlines: The New York Post Reports (Season 1) – INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY 8.30pm

Takes viewers behind the headlines into some of the city’s darkest and most inconceivable crimes of all time. From deadly high society scandals to predators hunting the streets, this is the inside scoop on the stories that dared to define New York City.


  • Gold Rush White Walker: Walk The Line (1 Hour Special) – DISCOVERY 10.25pm

In the brand-new special, Gold Rush White Water: Walk The Line, the Dakota boys have walked a fine line between bravery and insanity trying to strike it rich for four years now. Creating ingenious bush fixes to mine gold in the most dangerous way possible – diving in freezing white water rapids.

  • Garage Squad (Season 7) DISCOVERY TURBO 9.30pm

Across America, cherished vintage cars lay abandoned in driveways and garages because their owners lack the time, resource, or simple know-how to get their autos back on the road. Amateur mechanics always start with the best intentions when acquiring a treasured car, planning to return it to former glory.

  • In Pursuit With John Walsh (Season 3) INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY 9.30pm

John Walsh leads viewers through unsolved violent crimes that urgently need to be closed – where time is of the essence and harnessing the power of ID’s active and engaged audience could bring these criminals to justice. Joining John is his son, Callahan Walsh, who leads the operation on the ground, working in tandem with the community and local authorities to search for persons-of-interest.


  • Buying It Blind (Season 1) LIFESTYLE HOME 9.30pm

Taking viewers on a home buying and renovation journey like never before, “Buying it Blind” features couples at a property breaking point. With their life savings on the line these couples surrender total financial, legal and creative control to a team of experts, who will buy them a home and renovate it without the couple ever seeing it.

  • Forensic Files II (Season 2) – CRIME + INVESTIGATION  7.30pm

The updated series will showcase all new mysteries to solve and feature the same style, music, story type and content that fans know and love.

  • Ancient Aliens (Season 13) – HISTORY 8.30pm

Examines 75 million years of the most credible alien evidence here on Earth, from the age of the dinosaurs, to ancient Egypt, to the skies over the western desert in the present day US.

  • The Bradshaw Bunch (Season 2) – E! 8.30pm

Legendary quarterback and television-broadcast icon Terry Bradshaw gives us an intimate look at life in the off-season. He’s been called “The Greatest of All Time,” but now this touchdown titan spends his days surrounded by women in his most coveted position: World’s Greatest Dad.

  • Outback Opal Hunters (Season 7) – DISCOVERY 8.30pm

Australia’s toughest miners, the Outback Opal Hunters are back for a seventh season in the pursuit of the queen of gems: Opal. Those hunting the coveted gem must face an apocalyptic Australian Outback – where the risks are huge, but the rewards are even bigger.


  • Reasonable Doubt (Season 3) – INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY 8.30pm

As claims of innocence ring out from prison cells across America, families of prisoners can be tormented by the questionable guilt of their loved ones. Driven by a desire to get to the truth, retired homicide detective Chris Anderson and criminal defence attorney Fatima Silva team up once again for ten powerful episodes of Reasonable Doubt.


  • The Real Housewives Of Melbourne (Season 5) LOCAL PRODUCTION – FOX ARENA 8.30pm

There are four new Housewives ready to stir things up! Cherry Dipietrantonio, Kyla Kirkpatrick, Anjali Rao and Simone Elliot. In one final new twist, Jackie Gillies has raised her hand to put her Housewife tiara back on and will join her pals Gamble Breaux and Janet Roach. And there’s one thing we know for sure – there’s never a dull moment if that trio has anything to do with it!

  • Nomad: In The Footsteps Of Bruce Chatwin (90 Minute Special) – FOX DOCOS  8.30pm

A journey where the viewer can see Werner Herzog’s creative and personal vision which was shared with iconic travel writer Bruce Chatwin, the prolific author of ‘In Patagonia’ and a champion of the nomadic life.

  • Naked And Afraid (Season 7) – DISCOVERY 8.30pm

One man and one woman, who meet for the first time in the nude, battle to survive some of the world’s most extreme environments for 21 days with no food, water, or clothing. They face physical and mental challenges, hostile climates, and deadly animals.


  • Shipwreck Secrets (Season 1) – HISTORY 7.30pm

Scattered across the world, over 3 million shipwrecks line the floors of our oceans, seas and lakes. Most are waiting to be discovered, have their stories told and their secrets revealed. Shipwreck Secrets joins teams of explorers, investigators and maritime experts from across the globe as they discover, identify and uncover the truth about some of the most fascinating wrecks on earth.

  • I Love A Mama’s Boy (Season 1) – TLC 9.30pm

What happens when a woman falls in love with a guy and wants to marry him… but he has a FAR more important woman in his life? It’s his MUM! In this unbelievable new series, the only thing standing between a couple’s true love is a very different kind of “other woman.” These guys are spoiled, coddled, and spoon-fed by their overbearing mother.


  •  Street Outlaws America’s List (Season 1) – DISCOVERY TURBO 8.30pm

Racers from OKC, Memphis, Texas, NOLA, Detroit, Cali and everywhere in between, are ranked on one single list of the best street racers in the nation as they compete weekly for the coveted top spot.


  •  Britain’s Best Home Cook (Season 3) – LIFESTYLE FOOD 8.30pm

The search for the Best Home Cook returns. This season 10 famous British faces are challenged to serve up tasty home-cooked food and complete tasks set by a panel of expert judges.


  • DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow (Season 7) – FOX8 8.30pm
  •  Clash Of The Cover Bands (Season 1) – E! 9.00pm

Jimmy Fallon will executive produce “Clash of the Cover Bands,” a new music competition. In each episode, two bands of similar musical genre (e.g. Pop Divas, Boy Bands, Heavy Metal etc.) go head-to-head to see which band delivers the most impressive cover performance for a chance to win a cash prize and bragging rights.

  •  Texas Metal (Season 4) – DISCOVERY TURBO 8.30pm

In the heart of Texas, everything’s bigger at Ekstensive Metal Works, where owner/mastermind Bill Carlton and his creative team design and build outrageous, enviable cars and trucks. Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary means Bill, a third-generation welder, uses everything from rusted wrecks to top-of-the-line vehicles.


  •  Legacies (Season 4) – FOX8 8.30pm
  •  Batwoman (Season 3) – FOX8 9.30pm

Ryan Wilder was the new bat about town last season, and now it’s Luke’s turn to earn his stripes as the newly minted Batwing. With two bats at the helm, Gotham could be in for the kind of one-two punch that has the bad guys running for cover expeditiously. However, some of the Batman universe’s most iconic villains could be rising in town which means the team will have their work cut out for them.


  •  Pheobe Robinson Special (90 Minute Special) – FOX8 9.30pm
  • Who Killed The Lyon Sisters (2 Hour Special) – INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY 8.30pm

Based on the book by author Mark Bowden, this documentary recounts the haunting 1975 disappearance of two sisters from a Maryland mall and the predatory backwoods clan that may have concealed the crime for 40 years.


  • Truman & Tennessee: An Intimate Conversation (90 Minute Special) – FOX DOCOS 8.30pm

A story of two of the greatest writers of the past century, Truman Capote and Tennessee Williams who are examined in a dialogue that stretches from their early days of friendship to their final, unsparing critiques of each other. Giving life to the dialogue and a physicality to their relationship.

  •  Guilt (Season 2) – BBC FIRST 8.30pm

Two disparate brothers, united by guilt when they accidentally run over and kill an old man on a darkened street.


  •  Succession (Season 3) – FOX SHOWCASE 8.30pm

Ambushed by his rebellious son Kendall at the end of Season 2, Logan Roy begins Season 3 in a perilous position, scrambling to secure familial, political, and financial alliances. Tensions rise as a bitter corporate battle threatens to turn into a family civil war.

  •  Fear The Walking Dead (Season 7A) – FOX SHOWCASE 9.30pm

The sixth season ended with a bang — literally, as Teddy brought about his vision of “The End” when he detonated nuclear warheads across the Texas landscape. Now the survivors will decide what “The Beginning” will look like, adapting to a deadly new environment where the air they breathe is as deadly as the walkers they encounter….

  •  Demolition Down Under (Season 3) – DISCOVERY 7.30pm

From high-rise apartments, to sunken yachts, bizarre structures, and massive warehouses, Demolition Down Under gets rare access on site with Australia’s elite demolition crews and their mega machines as they tear apart buildings in the middle of busy cities, bring down bridges and crash through commercial developments.


  • Long Lost Family What Happened Next (Season 5)- LIFESTYLE 9.30pm

Long Lost Family has reunited over 200 people with missing relatives. But meeting is just the beginning; how easy is it to let a stranger into your family? We find out ‘what happened next’; revisiting many of our most compelling stories and exploring the challenging, unexpected and emotional developments as relationships are built.

  • Ancient Unexplained Files (Season 1) – DISCOVERY 8.30pm

In Ancient Unexplained Files, ancient investigations turn to tech, as specialists harness an advanced digital forensics lab and use the latest scientific discoveries to solve the biggest mysteries of ancient history.


  • Whiteley (90 Minute Special) – FOX DOCOS 7.30pm

A journey into the life and legacy of one of Australia’s most celebrated artists, Brett Whiteley. Genius or troubled soul? Whitely was in search of the elusive it. A search which took him to London at the peak of the swinging 60’s. What resulted was a body of work which formed contemporary Australian art as we know it today, but at what price?

  • The Riddle Of The Carpathian Sphinx (2 Hour Special) – HISTORY 7.30pm

An awe inspiring, captivating and inciting original program series presenting multi-disciplinary evidence that changes our perception about our human origins and our deep- forgotten past history. Starting with the controversy of a lost civilization and the Egyptian Sphinx, the program goes much deeper into the understanding of the past, answering many questions that were left unanswered for decades.


  •  Aquaman: King Of Atlantis (Season 1) – FOX SHOWCASE 7.30pm

A three-part animated mini-series, Aquaman: King of Atlantis will follow Curry as he tackles the first days of his new role as Atlantis’ ruler. Advised by Mera and right-hand man Vulko, Aquaman will need to deal with unscrupulous surface dwellers, underwater threats, and his half-brother Orm, who wishes to claim the throne for his own.


  • Bake Off: The Professionals (Season 5) – LIFESTYLE FOOD 8.30pm

Liam Charles and Tom Allen host the toughest Bake Off on TV. Six teams from top hotels, restaurants and small businesses compete to be crowned best patisserie team in Britain.

  •  Where The Wild Men Are (Season 8) – BBC EARTH 8.30pm

Adventurer Ben Fogle sets off to meet more people who have turned their back on the rat-race and set up home in some of the most remote locations on Earth.


  •  The Wedding Fixer (Season 1) – FOX ARENA 7.30pm

Having spent 20 years as wedding planner to the rich and famous, Sarah Haywood helps ordinary British couples navigate their planning pitfalls as they prepare to tie the knot.


  •  Kevyn Aucoin: Beauty And The Beast In Me (1 Hour Special) – FOX DOCOS 8.30pm

Kevyn Aucoin was the first celebrity make-up artist. From a troubled upbringing he sought out success in New York and quickly became the most in-demand celebrity and fashion make-up artist in town. His story is told through never before seen video footage shot by Kevyn Aucoin himself and features a who’s who of the 1990s fashion world including Christy Turlington Burns, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Kate Moss and more.


  •  Below Deck (Season 9) – FOX ARENA 1.30pm EXPRESS

Set on the stunning waters of St. Kitts in the Caribbean, superyacht My Seanna welcomes back veterans Eddie Lucas, in his new role as first officer, alongside chef Rachel Hargrove who is ready to redeem herself after a memorable last charter season. A fresh crop of yachties include new chief stewardess Heather Chase, stews Jessica Albert and Fraser Olender and deckhands Jake Foulger, Rayna Lindsay and Wes O’Dell. When an unexpected delay leaves Captain Lee on land, Captain Sean Meagher steps in with a “hands-on” management style catching the crew off guard.


  •  Bare Hands Rescue (Season 1) – ANIMAL PLANET 8.30pm

Join Michael “Bare Hands” Beran and his eclectic employees as they travel across the country to rescue wildlife caught in peculiar situations. From a coyote in a homeowner’s garage to a skunk in a hot tub – they’ve caught it all with their bare hands.


  •  Insecure (Season 5) – FOX SHOWCASE 9.30pm

Creator Issa Rae stars as Issa Dee, who struggles to navigate the tricky professional and personal terrain of Los Angeles along with her best friend Molly (Yvonne Orji).

  •  The Osbournes: Night Of Terror (2 Hour Special) – TLC 10.30pm

The ‘First Family of Darkness’ themselves The Osbournes, take on their first-ever paranormal investigation together. Ozzy, Sharon, Jack, and Kelly enter the gates of hell as they go inside the Heritage Square Museum, a frightening and haunted historical site in the heart of Los Angeles.


  • Ricky Velez Special: Here’s Everything (90 Minute Special) – FOX8 9.30pm EXPRESS

Ricky Velez (The King of Staten Island) is reuniting with Judd Apatow for his first comedy special On FOX8.



  • Wonder Woman 1984 – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, October 2) – OUR REVIEW

  • Connie And The Cat – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 5.10pm, October 2)
  • The Lion Kid 2 – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 5.15pm, October 2)
  • Kidnapped In Paradise – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, October 3)
  • Modern Persuasion – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, October 6)
  • Into The Arms Of Danger – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, October 8)
  • The Dry – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, October 10)

  • Secrets Of An Undercover Wife – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, October 17)
  • Making Mr Right – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, October 25)
  • The Donkey King – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 4.50pm)
  • I Was Lauren Bobbitt – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm)


  • A Rainy Day In New York – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm)
  • Anna – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, October 4)


  • Promising Young Woman – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, October 16)

  • Buddy Games – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, October 8)


  • The Brawler – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, October 11)


  • Escape From Extinction – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 3.30pm)
  • Protect And Serve – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, October 15)
  • Free Guy – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, October 29)


  • Blood Money – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, October 14)


  • Blind – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm)
  • Shadow In The Cloud – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, October 17)


  • Crisis – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, October 23)


  • JT LeRoy – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm)


  • Music – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, October 23)

  • Penguin Bloom – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, October 24)


  • Blackbird – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, October 27)


  • Angel Of Mine – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm)


  • Nobody – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, October 30)

FOXTEL DISCLAIMER: Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, all programming is subject to late change. FOXTEL may vary channel content or transmission times. FOXTEL is not liable for any loss or disappointment any viewer may suffer as a result. All times listed in AEST.

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