‘Friday the 13th’ Reboot Coming, with LeBron James Producing

This one’s been circling a start for years now, but it appears a Friday the 13th reboot (yeah, another attempt) is now actually in the works.

LeBron James is making bigger and bigger strides in the realm of cinema. The NBA star was recently attached as producer and star of a new Space Jam movie, and now comes word that he’s going to be producing a return to Camp Crystal Lake.

According to Bloody Disgusting, James has entered talks with Vertigo Entertainment to produce a reboot of the horror franchise via his SpringHill Entertainment banner. Deadline confirmed the news, reporting that “meetings are out with directors and writers now.”

It’s been a bit of a complicated journey for a new Friday the 13th movie. Paramount had a reboot in the works a few years ago, one that producer Brad Fuller exclusively told us was going to offer up a new origin story of sorts after they had flirted with a found-footage take. Alas, with Rings failing to spark up a new franchise, the studio decided to pull the plug. There have also been rights issues. The original film’s screenwriter Victor Miller has now regained the US rights to the franchise following a legal battle with that film’s director, Sean Cunningham.

With the new Halloween currently doing big business in the US,  its $US76.2 million opening marking the franchise’s biggest-ever opening and the second best US debut ever in October, it looks to be the right time to bring Jason Voorhees back to the big screen.

James has long been ardent fan of Jason and the Friday the 13th franchise.