Beloved Sitcom ‘Friends’ Finally Gets an Honest Trailer


The much-loved comedy series Friends has finally received its Honest Trailer.

The 10-minute Honest Trailer below does a good job of covering a lot of ground, from the various peculiarities of the characters (geez, I couldn’t remember Phoebe’s background and arc being that sad!), to the various guest stars, to the “thin layer of gay panic that covers everything,” to the on-and-off-again relationship that was Ross and Rachel, among many other things. 

We watched the lives of New Yorkers Rachel Green, Ross Geller, Monica Geller, Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing and Phoebe Buffay unfold over ten years in the long-running sitcom – and its popularity doesn’t seemed to have lessened by much with home entertainment releases and re-runs upon re-runs on various services over the years.

It’s a must-see for fans. Enjoy!

Take a look at some of these other Honest Trailers:


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