Impressive Gambit Fan Short Film Gives Marvel’s Card-Wielding Mutant the Spotlight

Scissor Films

That once Channing Tatum-starring Gambit movie may have fallen apart and who knows when the character will get his dues on the big screen, but this will more than make do in the meantime. Canadian Pharmacy Online

Take a look at Play for Keeps, an unofficial 20-minute short film that places a spotlight on the Marvel mutant who’s more than a little adept at handling cards, a bo staff, and, you know, manipulating kinetic energy. Nick Bateman (The Matchmaker’s Playbook) plays Gambit here, and he looks and acts pretty much the part – with some nice influence from the X-Men animated series. Rogue (played by Ellen Hollman) and Magik (Anna Butkevych) also appear, with Eric Roberts playing bad guy Mr. Lenero.

Directed by Jensen Noen (The Perception), this is a slickly-crafted short film, boasting some nice visual effects and a great overall production look for a small budget. For a “fan film,” this is pretty impressive stuff. Oh, and there are a few gory bits – in case that helps entice or repel you. Perhaps it will get on Marvel/Disney’s radar and they can finally get the pieces together on the long-gestating Gambit movie?

Scissor Films
  • If you need to STOP trying to be Gambit. YOU SOUND NOTHING LIKE HIM!!! He is a cajun. The one in the movie sound like he was from Texas.If you can’t talk it then shut IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!