Gamechangers Trailer: Daniel Radcliffe Makes Grand Theft Auto

The first trailer for Gamechangers has made its way online, giving us our first look at the upcoming BBC Two TV movie that tells of Rockstar Games Co-founder and President Sam Houser and his journey making one of the most successful and controversial video games of all time, Grand Theft Auto.

Radcliffe plays Houser in what looks like an energetic imagining, one which also has Bill Paxton playing Jack Thompson, a lawyer who tried to get the game shut down. It’s a quick 30-second trailer, but it does give us a good idea as to what we can expect going in.

Interestingly, Rockstar Games parent company Take-Two Interactive is in the process of suing BCC for trademark infringement.

Gamechangers will be airing on BBC Two on September 15 (U.K. date). Expect other release dates to be announced soon.

Here’s an an excerpt from BBC‘s extended rundown for Gamechangers:

The fastest-selling entertainment product in history comes not from Silicon Valley, but is driven by a bunch of British game designers. Friends since their school days, they are led by the game’s mastermind-designer, Sam Houser. By 2002, Sam and his creative team have constructed for their fans a vast virtual world, teeming with a high-octane mix of criminal characters, lethal weapons and outrageous storylines. Here you can even shape and sculpt your avatar, crafting their character and appearance to your personal preference.

Within this fantasy landscape, some players choose to take part in a series of dangerous missions, while others become immersed in a sprawling criminal underworld, killing cops, hijacking cars and running over pedestrians. And it’s this that increasingly drives opposition to GTA. Because the game’s violent gameplay leads to fierce opposition: from parents worried about its impact on children; from politicians, fearful of its influence; and, above all, from campaigners fighting to prevent the game being played by minors.

At the vanguard of this crusade is the formidable Christian lawyer Jack Thompson, a man determined to do whatever he can to stop the relentless rise of the game and its influence on children. The Gamechangers tells the story of how British game designers pushed boundaries into uncharted territory, of how those fighting GTA became consumed by a battle which overwhelmed their lives, and how the subsequent fallout threatened to bring down leading players on both sides.

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