Final ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Trailer Unveiled Ahead of Film Release

Image via Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures has dropped the final official trailer for Ghost in the Shell ahead of the film’s release this week.

It’s a slick new marketing piece, giving up a bit more footage and a pumping soundtrack. The new trailer also provides a pretty clear look at the plot, which tells of a cyborg-human hybrid (Scarlett Johansson) designed to take down criminals who finds out that her life wasn’t saved, it was stolen. Anticipation has been building for a while now; fingers crossed we get awesome new sci-fi with this manga adaptation.

Ghost in the Shell, also starring ‘Beat’ Takeshi Kitano, Michael Carmen Pitt, Pilou Asbaek, Chin Han and Juliette Binoche, hits Australian cinemas on March 30 and opens in the US on March 31.

Synopsis for Ghost in the Shell:

In the near future, Major (Scarlett Johansson) is the first of her kind: A human saved from a terrible crash, who is cyber-enhanced to be a perfect soldier devoted to stopping the world’s most dangerous criminals. When terrorism reaches a new level that includes the ability to hack into people’s minds and control them, Major is uniquely qualified to stop it. As she prepares to face a new enemy, Major discovers that she has been lied to: her life was not saved, it was stolen. She will stop at nothing to recover her past, find out who did this to her and stop them before they do it to others. Based on the internationally acclaimed Japanese Manga, “The Ghost in the Shell.”

Image via Paramount Pictures
Image via Paramount Pictures

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