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If you haven’t seen Locke, just know that you’re missing out on one of the best films of the year. Locke is now available to own on DVD and Blu-Ray, and the great folks over at Madman Entertainment have given us Blu-Ray copies to give away to our followers in Australia!

Featuring an outstandingly good performance by Tom Hardy, this thriller is what you would rightly call a one-man show. Locke tells the story of a hard-working family man who, as he drives to a specific destination, receives a phone call that sets off chain of events that will affect his life forever. To say more would be to say too much.

All you need to know is what we wrote in our review:

In a time where studios aim for the bigger-is-better approach to filmmaking, it’s refreshing to see a film with the guts to experiment with the simplicity of the medium. While the idea of a one-man-one-location movie isn’t a new one, this is an excellent example of how riveting and thrilling filmmakers can make “small” films. The themes dealt with here aren’t grandiose and high-concept, they are all-too familiar and personal. Locke shows that no matter what the themes are, a well-drawn character and mature dialogue is all you need to deliver a suspenseful and affecting dramatic-thriller.

The REEL SCORE: 9/10

For a chance to win a Blu-Ray copy of Locke, simply answer the following question: Writer and director Steven Knight was nominated for an Oscar for his work writing a certain film. Which film was it?

a) Eastern Promises

b) Dirty Pretty Things

c) Locke

d) Amazing Grace

That’s it! Just enter your answer, along with your name and e-mail, in the comments section below for your chance to win! And, of course, your answer won’t be published.

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  • Competition closes at 11:59 pm, November 27, 2014. AEST.
  • Only open for those living in Australia.
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