Godzilla Sequel in the Works


Godzilla may have only started its theatrical run a few days ago, but word of a sequel has already come through the grapevine. Deadline confirms the rumours, reporting that the second film is currently being developed by Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros.

News of a sequel comes as no surprise, considering the success the film is currently seeing at the box-office. The film, which had a budget of approximately $160 million, grossed $93 million in the U.S. over the past weekend alone. At the time of writing, the film has earned just over $196 million in worldwide returns. Godzilla is set to become an all-out financial hit, with the picture still to meet some of its international release dates – including all important territories, Japan and China.

There are no details available regarding the sequel’s plot, but director Gareth Edwards has said that he intends on using the same sort of restraint he used in the first film. That is, having the focus be on the characters while teasing out the monsters as much as possible.

The film places Edwards firmly in the big leagues. He was given the opportunity to direct Godzilla after Legendary Pictures’ Thomas Tull gave him a chance. Edwards’ previous film Monsters (2010) may have only brought in just over $4 million in worldwide receipts, but the film, which only cost half a million to make, helped place Edwards on the map.


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