Watch Hans Zimmer Discuss His Masterful Film Scores

Vanity Fair

“I”m still hunting down the great tune that I’ve never written. It’s somewhere out there… and that’s what makes me get up in the morning. I just know I can do better.”

So says Oscar-winning film composer Hans Zimmer, who’s been scoring films since the early eighties. As part of Vanity Fair’s “Timeline” video series, the musical genius touches on some of the pivotal works that have shaped his career, from Rain Man, to The Lion King, to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

Zimmer talks about his early days in England, where he was privileged enough to learn some tricks of the trade by working as an assistant to composer Stanley Myers (The Deer Hunter). Everything took off when director Barry Levinson travelled to Zimmer’s little back alley studio in England and asked him if he would be willing to travel to Hollywood and work on a Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman-starring picture, Rain Man. The rest, as they say, is history.

Take a look at the video, which at 11 minutes in length, is a short and sweet look at one of cinema’s very best composers. To be honest, a feature documentary on Zimmer would actually be great, considering the amount of outstanding work – Crimson Tide, The Prince of Egypt, The Thin Red Line, Black Hawk Down, The Last Samurai, Kung Fu Panda, Man of Steel, 12 Years a Slave, to name but a few more – the composer could discuss.

The hard-working composer’s recent credits include Dunkirk, The Boss Baby, Blade Runner 2049 and BBC’s hugely acclaimed nature series Blue Planet II. Zimmer has signed up to score upcoming X-Men film X-Men: Dark Phoenix and will be revisiting The Lion King in Jon Favreau’s live-action redo.

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