Watch: Henry Cavill Shares Behind the Scenes Footage of How Superman’s Flying Was Filmed

Henry Cavil, Instagram

Henry Cavill has revealed some footage of how it can look on set when Superman’s rocketing through the skies. It’s… a little less impressive.

The Man of Steel and Justice League actor (who still doesn’t have another solo Superman film lined up!) shared a behind-the-scenes video showing how he is held up by a harness while some guys move a green screen platform to match his movements. Luckily, it’s Cavill, and that guy looks great doing just about anything.

Stunt team magic bringing Supes to life, John Williams and Hans Zimmer raising him to those lofty heights,” posted Cavill, “and then there’s me, who channelling a little bit of Spiderman with my hands.”

Now we just need behind-the-scenes footage of #mustachegate.

Henry Cavil, Instagram
Warner Bros.

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