First ‘High Ground’ Trailer: Australia’s Troubling Past Depicted in Simon Baker Revenge Western

Madman Films

Take a look at the official teaser trailer that’s arrived for High Ground, an upcoming thriller-drama western led by Simon Baker.

Early Australia is the setting for this increasingly buzzed-about film, which sold to Samuel Goldwyn Films for U.S. distribution and is to be released in Australia by Madman Films.

Inspired by true events, the plot tells of how a former WWI sniper, Travis (Baker), loses control of an operation while posted as a policeman in Northern Australia. An Indigenous tribe is massacred. Disgusted as superiors insist on burying the truth, Travis leaves, only to be forced back twelve years later with his new role as a bounty hunter. Tasked with hunting down an Aboriginal warrior attacking settlers, Travis recruits a young mission-raised tracker, Gujuk (Jacob Junior Nayinggul), who’s the only known survivor of that massacre.

The film reunites director Stephen Johnson and writer Chris Anastassiades, whose previous film together was around twenty year ago; underseen Aboriginal coming-of-age film Yolngu Boy.

Keep an eye on this one. High Ground, also starring Jack Thompson, Ryan Corr, Callan Mulvey, and Caren Pistorius, among others, will be released in Aussie cinemas later this year.

Official synopsis for High Ground:

After fighting in the First World War as a sniper, Travis, now a policeman in the vast empty spaces of Northern Australia, loses control of an operation that results in the massacre of an Indigenous tribe. When his superiors insist on burying the truth, Travis leaves in disgust, only to be forced back twelve years later to hunt down Baywara, an Aboriginal warrior whose attacks on new settlers are causing havoc. When Travis, now a bounty hunter, recruits as his tracker the young mission-raised Gutjuk, the only known survivor of the carnage, memories threaten to resurface and turn the white man from hunter into the hunted.


Set in the 1930s, ‘High Ground’ is inspired by true events. A frontier western about colonial violence and misunderstandings that deeply resonates in today’s Australia – and indeed all over the world – the film explores the nature of loyalty and the ability to distinguish freely between right and wrong, in opposition to the dogmas of the age in which you live.

Madman Films
Madman Films


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