‘Hit-Monkey’ Trailer: Marvel Adult Animated Series Has a Ghost Hitman Mentoring a Killer Ape

Marvel Entertainment

A potentially fun and bloody adult animated series on the way with Hit-Monkey, based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name.

The official trailer has been released for the series, which sure has a bonkers premise. Bryce, a hitman, is killed in the Alps. As a ghost, Bryce’s spirit becomes connected to a monkey that witnessed his death and the slaughtering of his own ape family. Serving as the monkey’s now mentor of sorts, Bryce helps Hit-Monkey suit up, gun up, and take down those responsible. “Told you this was going to get weird,” Bryce tells his monkey companion in the trailer.

Jason Sudeikis voices Bryce, Fred Tatasciore voices Hit-Monkey, George Takei voices kind politician Shinji Yokohama, and Olivia Munn voices Shinji’s smart and ambitious niece, Akiko. The series comes from creators Will Speck and Josh Gordon, who previously directed comedy features Office Christmas Party, The Switch, and Blades of Glory.

It looks like a crazy and enjoyable series, and one that could very well bring in other Marvel characters. After all, in Marvel comics, Hit-Monkey stories have included Spider-Man and Deadpool.

will be kicking off on Hulu in the US and Disney+ in Australia & New Zealand on November 17th.

Marvel Entertainment / Disney+

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