Watch: ‘Home Alone’ Gets a Brutal R-rated Re-Edit

“I made my family disappear.”

We’ve all known that young Kevin McCallister had some deeply troubling tendencies. Only a disturbed, sociopathic child would set people on fire and throw bricks at faces – even if they were breaking in to rob the place.

Following their R-rated Marvel experiment, where they used CG magic to ramp up the violence in Captain America: Civil War to extreme levels (watch that one HERE), the post production gurus at YouTube channel Corridor Crew have turned their attention to family classic Home Alone. It’s hilarious, and oh-so brutal.

The re-edit turns Macaulay Culkin’s Kevin into a young serial killer, who has enough of being bullied and decides to slaughter his family. After he’s done with them, he decides to put his place up on AirBnB and kill the visitors. Check out the R-rated horror re-edit short film below and take a look at how they made it beneath it.

Twentieth Century Fox